Buy less and use longer

You can act in the best way for the Baltic Sea with the food choices you make, by buying only what you need and choosing eco-friendly products.

 Yard flea market.
At a flea market you can buy recycled clothes. 

Consider what products you buy

  • Buy less and think about what you really need
  • Choose goods that are ecologically sustainable, repairable, and recyclable
  • Choose eco-labelled products: Look for the Nordic Swan logo: this is the official environmental label of the Nordic countries
  • Buy used products if you can
  • Use the product until the end of its life and recycle properly
  • Avoid getting mixed fabric textiles
  • Avoid overpacked products and plastic packaging

Avoid single-use items

  • Avoid using plastic bags. Instead, keep a durable shopping bag with you or carry your shopping in a backpack
  • Also, carry durable mesh bags for fruits and vegetables. These are widely available from most grocery stores
  • Carry a reusable thermos mug with a lid and use it instead of using a disposable container
  • Avoid using plastic cutlery
  • Do not use plastic drinking straws

Think about what you eat

  • Choose locally-produced food and seasonal produce
  • Choose to buy organic food
  • Select vegetarian food and cut down on eating meat
  • Carefully consider buying farmed fish
  • Choose to buy sustainably-caught wild fish from the Baltic Sea, such as domestic fish like bream, herring, perch, and pike, as well as fish labelled with the MSC-mark (Marine Stewardship Council) The WWF Fish Guide for Finland