Why is marine archaeology important? – three reasons

This list presents three compelling reasons why marine archaeology and maritime cultural heritage are important and the three things everyone should know about this topic.


Unique conditions in the Baltic Sea promote the preservation of wrecks

Compared to the rest of the world, the Baltic Sea has unique conditions for the preservation of old wooden wrecks. There are thousands of wrecks in the Baltic Sea from different centuries, some of which have remained almost completely intact along with all their cargo. In such dark and anoxic conditions, even the objects in shipwrecks can remain preserved almost unchanged for centuries.


Traces left behind by man over time

Seafaring and sea-use have shaped the history of the Baltic Sea region. Human activity has left various traces on the shores of the Baltic Sea, as well as below its surface. These remains are protected and managed as part of our cultural heritage.



Unique wreck artefacts

The remains below the surface can be studied by marine archaeology. Wreck research is the key to investigating past shipping, as well-preserved wrecks often contain artefacts that have not been preserved elsewhere. Only a tiny fraction of the tens of thousands of wrecks in the Baltic Sea have been investigated, so there are still plenty to explore!