Cultural landscapes and rugged cliffs define the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park

Embark on an adventure in the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park! The summer breeze whispers in the reeds, while waves crash against the archipelago shores and rugged skerries of the open sea. Thousands of seabirds feed in the shallows; some as visitors on their migration, others settling in for their nesting season.

The scenery of the National Park ranges from the lush landscapes of the inner archipelago to the rugged, understated beauty of the outer reaches. A cultural and historical landscape can also be found within this wild nature, with destinations and routes for day trips and longer journeys alike.

The forests and meadows of Älgö Island bring history to life

On Älgö Island, lilacs blossom and grapes ripen in the summer heat on the old fishing farmstead at Rödjan. The farm’s main wooden building operates as a museum where visitors can learn about the history of a fisherman’s family in the archipelago. There is also an old log sauna.

A two-kilometre long nature trail starts from the Rödjan farm and crosses the island through shadowy spruce woods and wetlands. Along the route, visitors will also find one of the three small lakes on the island. There is also an observation tower which offers fine views of the vast archipelago seascape. Keep an eye out for the island's inhabitants, which also include majestic-antlered moose and agile white-tailed deer.

 The sun illuminates the sea and the rocks
Sun-drenched rocks heat up in the summer sun.

The exciting Jussarö Island is full of surprises and history

Nature has already ruthlessly taken back the old mines and military buildings on the island; the remaining structures tell their own history. Endangered and rare old-growth forest species, such as shelf fungus, can be found in the virgin forest on the western side of the island. To protect this valuable natural habitat, movement in this area is permitted only along a nature trail.

It feels good to rinse off the day’s sweat in the harbour sauna and then enjoy a coffee.

The area around Jussarö Island is also fascinating for those interested in both maritime and cultural history. Due to its central location, the island has served as a hub for shipping routes, and over the centuries countless ships have sought refuge in its harbour.

There are also surprises beneath the surface: there are many wrecks and pieces of wreckage that have been classified as ancient monuments. Some are located within the island's coastal zone.

Many seafarers from bygone days may have met their fate near Jussarö because of the iron ore deposits near the island. This rich ore field still affects the needle of traditional compasses to this day. Be careful not to lose your bearings!

The labyrinthine archipelago holds a variety of nature experiences

The Ekenäs Archipelago National Park offers a wide range of experiences for nature lovers, cultural history and fishing enthusiasts, as well and other visitors moving on the water.

There are sheltered natural harbours and picturesque coves for boaters or kayak users, where you can enjoy the peace and leisurely atmosphere. Sit and rest while watching the sun slip to the horizon. During the spring and early summer, the plaintive calls of eider duck are carried over the skerries and shallows.

In addition to the magnificent nature of the archipelago, beautiful underwater scenery also hides beneath the surface. Here, habitats range from lush inland archipelago lagoons to the stony and rocky outcrops of the outer archipelago, to the turbid silt-bottoms of deep waters.

All you have to do is put your mask on, pop your snorkel in your mouth, and jump in! You can encounter blue mussels and bladder wrack kelp, as well as a myriad of small fish and creepy-crawlies scurrying about in the colourful seaweed jungle. The lucky ones may even see a curious grey seal!

 A grey seal swims close to a diver
 A curious grey seal greets a scuba diver.

Visiting Ekenäs Archipelago National Park

The Ekenäs archipelago can only be reached by private boat or taxi boat. Check out the maps and directions.

The Ekenäs Visitor Centre can be reached by car.