The Porkkala wreck park in Kirkkonummi was established by volunteers

The Porkkala wreck park is located in Kirkkonummi at the tip of the Porkkalanniemi headland, north of Träskö Island. It was opened in the summer of 2018 to protect and improve the accessibility of historically significant wrecks by sharing the expertise of marine archaeologists and experienced wreck divers for anyone interested in diving.

The park was built by the efforts of volunteers from the Nousu Dive Club, as well as the Finnish Maritime Archaeological Society. The park consists of four adjacent wrecks to which underwater information plates were installed to guide divers.

A diver in front of the wrecks capstan.

Four diverse dive sites underwater

The shallowest dive site is a 20-metre wreck of a wooden ship called Alko, which lies at a depth of about eight metres. This wreck is well-preserved, and its anchor windlass is intact. The wreck is believed to be a ship named Alko, which sank in 1879 or 1880 on the way from Parainen, near Turku en route to Helsinki. It was carrying a load of limestone, which can also be seen under the decking.

The largest wreck in the park is called the Barrel Wreck. It has a wooden hull measuring approximately 30 metres in length and lying at a depth of 19 metres. The wreck is named after the barrels inside it which can still be seen. In the wreck can also be seen the remains of the ship's fireplace, as well as other artefacts related to the ship. The ship's real name is unknown, nor is it known when or why it sank.

3D model of the Barrel Wreck.

At approximately ten metres depth, the so-called Cannon Side Wreck has been a well-known dive site for decades. Although this site is quite small it is all the more interesting because it has a lot of features. Among the wooden parts you can see two gun carriages and a cannon barrel. Next to the wreck section is a possible gun port flap. Part of the wreck is sturdily built, which has led some to suggest that it might have come from a large 18th century warship. But where is the rest of the ship?

The fourth site of the wreck park is called the Clinker Wreck. Parts of this wreck can be found between the Alko wreck and the Barrel wreck at a depth of approximately 14 metres. Pieces of the wreck are spread over a wide area and the lower parts of the rib-frames and keel are visible.

There are also many other wrecks in the vicinity of the wreck park, which you can explore in the Cultural environment service window or

Check out the wreckpark’s website for more details!

Why and how is this location protected?

These wrecks are fixed ancient relics protected by the Antiquities Act (295/1963). The law protects all wrecks and parts thereof that can be presumed to have sunk at least 100 years ago. Although diving to wrecks protected by the Antiquities Act is permitted, it is prohibited to tamper with or dive inside them.

Check out the wreckage information in the Antiquities Register: (in finnish)


These dive sites can be explored by private boat. Diving trips are also organised in the park. Visit the shipwreck park's website for more information.

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