Sea is the realm of birds 

See that flock of birds in the horizon! And did you hear that song? Birdwatching offers endless adventures and challenges for beginners and veterans alike.

Every spring and autumn, thousands of birds migrate across the Baltic Sea or its coastline and nesting birds fill our islets and islands during summer. The occasionally deafening cacophony of birdsong and other noise fills the beaches, grasslands and forests. Can you imagine the archipelago without the screaming seagulls hovering against the wide blue sky? And while winter brings silence, a few tenacious species and individual birds always stay behind to huddle amongst snow and ice. 

Black and white bird
Can you recognise this species? The large common merganser prefers large and barren watercourses.

Bird watching is rewarding for beginners 

There is no one true way to take an interest in birds: one may enjoy watching them from the coast with a telescope, some may bring their binoculars along for a hike, some may build bird houses and restore their preferred environment, some may feed birds during the winter, some may officially count the numbers of individuals and species, while others may ring birds or take photos of birds or draw them and some may do all things possible related to birds, on their own or together with others.  

All these diverse activities are connected by a deep love of nature. How do you spend your time in the wilderness? 

 A tern flying low over some rocks, with an insect in its beak.
A tern on a lunch break.

Birdwatching at sea is easy 

On the open sea, all you need to spot a bird is a positive mindset and the gear to match the weather. If you want to see birds up close, take a pair of binoculars or a telescope with you. A bird guide, warm clothes and a tasty snack are also useful - time flies when you are having fun!  

There are a number of birdwatching towers alongside our coastline to make birdwatching comfortable and easy. Often, you will find other people to share your experiences with.  

Once you get into it and gain more experience, you can, for example, participate in the activities of bird stations on the coast or at sea. These simple buildings are often located in magnificent spots in the middle of the marine environment.  

Bird stations are maintained by BirdLife Finland and regional associations. Many bird associations also arrange trips that welcome everyone who is interested. 

 A common ringed plover sitting on a rock by the shore.
The common ringed plover is a shorebird and prefers open sandy areas. It has become rare as a result of eutrophication.

Capture an unforgettable moment in a photograph

Nature photography is an engaging hobby that offers unlimited opportunities. Hunting to capture a memory of the endless waves of the sea, a play of light and shadow, the changing landscape in different weather and at different times of the year, the distinctive starry sky or the numerous animals and plants above and beneath the surface offers both joy and challenges.  

You can take high-quality photos with modern smartphones and, once you have gained more experience, there is a broad range of equipment to choose from. Many like to link nature photography with their other hobbies, such as hiking, boating, canoeing, birdwatching, scuba diving or spending time at the summer cottage.  

Who wouldn’t enjoy amazing photos connected to an unforgettable experience or a good story?  

 A fox walking on a rock  A wild onion flowering on a rocky shore